Finnish Folk Healer Society was established in 1996. It has around 90 members. One can become a member by invitation only.

The Finnish Folk Healer Society brings together folkhealers, who use traditional Finnish folk healingmethods. It also searches, revives, maintains and teaches forward traditional methods of folk medicine before they disappear. The society has also visited Viena Karelia to meet with local folk healers and to learn from their skills and knowledge.

The society organizes several courses in different traditional Finnish folk healing methods and folk medicine every year.

The best known methods of Finnish folk healing are bone setting, cupping, massages and baths, healing with plants, energy healing, healing with hands and sauna healing methods, like whisking.

Traditional folk healing has proven its efficiency time and again. Folk medicine has helped people for thousands of years and continues to do so also in our time.

Folk healing, based on traditional folk wisdom, is natural healthcare at its best. The methods are adjusted to fit the requirements of different eras but the roots of the treatments lie in the traditional knowledge and skills. An example of these adjustments are the requirements of hygiene in traditional cupping. 


NATURAL HEALER = Natural healer has always been either self-educated or has got his learning from an elder natural healer or seer

BONE SETTING = manual mobilization of joints and vertebras combined with releasing muscle tensions. The aim is to bring back structural and functional balance to the body.   

TRADITIONAL CUPPING = Bloodletting and cupping have been well-known methods of treatment already in classical antiquity

HEALING WITH PLANTS = Herbalists use herbs and trees both internally and externally for preventing and healing illnesses. In Finland some 20 -30 species of plants are actively used in herbal medicine. 

SAUNA HEALING = In Finnish tradition sauna has been an important healing place. Sauna healing include traditional sauna programmes as well as classical/relaxing whisking, massage and treatments with plants like peat.

HEALING WITH HANDS = This is a gift that is given to all of us, and it becomes active to you in some period of life. Healing with hands is a form of energy healing that has positive effect to the energy of the body on physical and spiritual level. Long- distance healing is used when a person who needs healing is far away from the healer 

TAKING CARE OF SPIRITUAL ENVIRONMENT = Spiritual protection of environment has always been an important part of natural healing


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